1987 Cricket World Cup – Facts and Figures

In 1987, in the wake of the Cricket World Cup, facilitating 3 satisfactory occasions, the English group was denied the honor of directly praising the biggest cracking incident in their country since the Zamzam The opportunity to get more opportunities was to celebrate the amazing cricket, the Reliance Cup (World Cup).

There have been some changes in the organization that have flagged the way that the ODI game will now need to move forward and it will be more interesting than this year. The amount of overs was regularly reduced from 60 to 50 and similar parties participated in the competition, which was released in 1983. After a domestic advantage, both India and Pakistan ended their individual meetings, with Australia and England almost second. In the last semi-final, which took place in Lahore, the Australian teams got off to a good start and by the time Imran Khan closed their arrangements, their score was over 300 when they discovered that 268 runs had been scored. How to post in pursuit. Pakistani. How long, Craig McDermott’s solid line and length is fatal for Pakistani and lost traditional wickets without any preparation to finally give the Asris a convincing victory.

In the second semi-final, the English came out with strong arrangements and played within their cut-off points which gave credit to the Indian bowling line. Britain scored 254/6 in 50 overs of Graham Gooch’s incredibly kind century. The Indians had started chasing him at first but their boat was arranged by the young Muhammad Azharuddin, who guaranteed the game a great end. Perhaps, after its takeoff, the request of the lower center and the lower request gave English another birth in another World Cup.

The last two were between Australia and England, two key rivals, with both sides being called equal peaks. With the help of David Boone’s strong upper order thump, the Aussies guaranteed a serious score in any final match, not to mention the World Cup. Despite this, the England team got off to the worst start, the promises of Mike Gatting and Alan Lamb brought them to the brink of disaster and Australia won the 1987 Reliance Cup. The highest scorer in this World Cup release was Graham Gooch with 471 runs and the most notable wicket taker was Craig McDermott (Aws) with 18 wickets.

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