1979 Cricket World Cup – Facts and Figures

When the Cricket World Cup was released in 1979, the West Indies were about to win again. The organization continued as before, with the hosts and Canada helping East Africa as the eighth group in 1975, along with the English.

The eight groups were divided into two groups, which included England, Canada, Pakistan and Australia with the formation of Group A, and India, New Zealand, the West Indies and Sri Lanka in Group B. The West Indies showed once again that they had won the match and England had won the match. Britain were caught in the semi-final against the Kiwis, who had vowed to fight hard in cricket, beating England by just nine runs. Then again, the reigning champions won a 43-run victory with the Windies against the usual men dressed in green. cricket world cup winners list.

The Masters once again became the fighting ground of the 1979 Prudential Cup and the hosts tried to prove themselves as a barrier to the Caribbean monsters’ wishes. There was a big issue under discussion and it was the last time a lot was going on. After batting, the mighty West Indies outscored Vivian Richards by scoring a result-oriented century.

The fantasy of the British, which began in 183 with the disappearance of Graham Gooch, seemed to control the ship, and even the imagination could not be corrected by England. In the end, the pressure factor was large enough to compete with the English as the entire batting team began for 194. In the end, Vivian Richards was named Man of the Final. Mike Hendrick (ENG) took 10 wickets in the long run and Gordon Grange (WI) was the leading scorer with 253.

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