1975 Cricket World Cup – Some Facts and Figures

Otherwise called the Prudential Cup, the 1975 cricket world cup was the main prize of its sort. With 8 groups partaking in it specifically, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, England, West Indies, Australia, New Zealand and East Africa, the primary release was held in England from the seventh till the 21st of June 1975. list of cricket world cup winners since 1975.

Aside from Clive Lloyd’s group’s mastery all through the competition one of the critical features of the Prudential Cup were Sunil Gavaskar’s very negative thump of 36 runs from 174 balls which are still to date viewed as one of the slowest innings by any batsman for a particularly long span in an ODI. Each match was 60 overs for every side and West independents played like genuine bosses from the word go with garnish the gathering stages.

The semi finals were played between West Indies VS New Zealand and England VS Australia. Gary Gilmour’s fabulous all round exhibition for the Aussies was the match victor against England as he took 6 wickets for 14 runs and keeping in mind that pursuing a meager all out of 93, the Australian batting line imploded uniquely to be given help with a strong thump of 28 runs by Gary. Then again West Indies was out of control and gotten a simple triumph against the kiwis.

The last was a nearby challenge, which occurred at the Lords cricket ground, with an astounding century by Clive Lloyd which ultimately end up being a game dominating innings and the feature of the Aussie innings was the 5 run outs which toward the end up being catastrophical. Another significant thing were noticing here was the way that nobody was suspended the man of the arrangement in the Prudential Cup 1975.Glenn Turner turned out be the most elevated scorer in the competition with 333 runs and Gary Gilmour the most elevated wicket taker with 11.

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